Website Designing and Creating

Website Designing and Creating Module

Website is the face of a brand. Website designing and creating is the term used for the process of planning, creating and updating Websites. It also involves preparing an entire structure of the website including information architecture, user interface, website layout, colors, icons etc. Website designing and creating does not only involves the visual aspect of the website. It also involves the ergonomics, incorporating user habits information, navigation system etc. that is a more strategic planned process. The website is like a physical shop of the brand. Just like a marketing manager looks after the visual merchandising in a retail space, a digital marketer needs to look after the website which is the virtual retail space for the brand.

A digital marketer must have a complete know how about website designing and creation since technology is always evolving and every website also needs to change. In order to ensure the website remains relevant, the digital marketer needs to have a know how of the latest coding standards. A digital marketer must know how the website will look and function on various platforms like desktops, mobiles and tablets. A digital marketer must know the technicalities of website designing and creating as the coding of the website influences the search ranking of the website.

Our course module covers all important aspects on website designing and creating from the digital marketing perspective. The course touches upon various facets of relevance such as designing an optimized website, product placement, creating a SEO optimized website and engaging customers through the website.

At the end of this course, you will be able to create a good website that is engaging enough for the consumers. The students will be updated with the latest technologies there are to create website that sell. An important aspect of website designing and creating is integrating the website with other digital media platforms which students can do proficiently after this training.


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