Web Data Analytics

Web Data Analytics Module

Web data analytics is a technology by which marketer can assess the behavior to website visitors. Digital marketing has a number of tools and metrics that help in analysis and measurements of information and data pertaining to the website. Web analytics help businessmen and entrepreneurs monitor critical information pertaining to the website. Web data analytics help professionals in measuring the website efficacy and whether it is successful in delivering its set objectives or not. Modifications can be made to the website in case the site is not up to date in engaging the users.

This course is important for entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals to understand the efficiency of the website. Startups should use web data analytics early when the website in at the nascent stage so that necessary changes can be made. With web data analytics, startups and digital marketing professionals don't have to wait to take surveys to analyze customer feedback. With web data analytics tools like customer analytics, marketers and entrepreneurs can identify the gaps in the website meeting customer requirements. Necessary adjustments can help in bridging the gap easily.

A detailed course in web data analytics gives students a clear understanding of the technical concepts involved. Various analytical tools are covered in the course like Funnel analytics, on-site engagement analytics, customer analytics, lifecycle analytics, marketing analytics etc.

At the end of the course the students get a complete know how of what is web data analytics, its components and its application in real time business scenario. In the digital marketing age, marketers are bombarded with data, and web data analytics help them use this data efficiently and effectively.


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