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Video Advertising Course Module

Online video advertising is a popular tool available in the hands of marketers to promote their brand, products and services. Video advertising is normally seen on websites and video play service websites like youtube. Video advertising not only helps garnering eyeball, but is a great way to communicate brand message in a short span of time. Video advertising helps marketers engage the target consumers and also increases the efficacy of message registration. There are various online video metrics that help marketers choose the right channels to publish their video ads to maximize reach.

A course in video advertising is not only important for digital marketers but also for those who want to specialize in this field. As the various streams of digital marketing are gaining importance, there is a rise in demand for the specialized professionals that is growing. The video advertising course targets users who want to dwell further in this area of specialization. You tube enthusiasts who want to learn about marketing on the you tube platform, learn about YouTube clicks will also benefit from the course.

Our course in video marketing helps students understand the technicalities involved in making and uploading video ads. The course will train you on the various formats of video ads, where these ads appear, pricing of video ads and how to monitor the performance of video ads. It also equips students to place ads within streamed video content for better reach. Technical aspects like reach, engagement of video ads is also taught as a part of the video advertising course module.

At the end of the course, students can plan, strategize and implement video advertising in digital marketing plans. End to end understanding of the way video advertising works helps students to maximize the ROI that comes from video advertising


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