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Social Media Marketing Course Module

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. It involves increasing the website traffic and spreading brand awareness by undertaking social media activities. This is done using various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube to name a few. Social media marketing is a great way marketers can effectively build brand presence. It is the most cost effective way of building brand loyalty and spreading awareness.
Social Media Marketing is an inseparable part of digital marketing and is the best platform to connect with consumers. Every digital marketing professional must have adequate know how about how to use this tool effectively. A marketer must have technical knowledge about various concepts like targeting, retargeting consumers, using Facebook analytics and so on to improve efficacy. Whether you are a business owner, student or a marketing professional, social media marketing is best way to make brand presence felt.
Taking a course in social media marketing helps you get into the detail of the field which helps in making better marketing decisions. Building reach, promoting brands, building customer relationships and creating a brand image are some of the key marketing functions you can perform. Since, social media marketing is at a relatively nascent stage, a certification course helps you gain expertise. There is a huge gap between demand and supply of social media marketing professionals, and a course helps you fit into that gap.
At the end of this course students learn how to integrate various platforms like email marketing, mobile marketings, affiliate marketing through social media. You will also gain better understanding of using social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc for achieving marketing objectives. As a social media marketing certificate professional, you bring with you certain expertise that every organization today seeks.


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