Search Engine Optimizations

Search Engine Optimizations Course Module

Search engine optimization is the process of garnering maximum number of visitors on to a website and to improve the website ranking on the search engine page. Higher ranking of a website, directly impacts the number of visits to the website. In simple words SEO is about attracting right customers to the website at the right time. Search engine optimization integrates various digital marketing channels to improve the website’s ranking on the search engine page.

This course is useful for digital marketing professionals, marketing executives, students, programmers, entrepreneurs, content writers and all those who work with the digital marketing platform.

The SEO training course is a detailed course that brings out the best practices in the industry. It teaches students how to use various mediums like images, content, keywords, social media, videos and more to optimize the website. This knowledge is critical to make a business’s web page stand out in the competitive online space. Students are given technical knowledge about the various aspects involved in Search engine optimization that improve the ranking of the website. The course modules covers technical topics like Fundamentals of SEO, types of search engines, SEO design and architecture, keyword research, SEO tools and techniques, mobile SEO etc.

At the end of the course, students will gain an in depth understanding of SEO concepts and applications. Upon completion of the course, a student will think and act like a digital marketer applying these concepts and learning towards attainment of digital marketing goals and objectives.
With technical understanding of the concepts students are seen as SEO experts, a role that has great demand and comparatively lesser supply. With the SEO certification students gain a competitive edge towards a lucrative and fulfilling career path.


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