Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Course Module

Online Reputation Management or ORM is all about managing the brand name on the internet. Online reputation is the image a brand carries in the web world and ORM is focusing on creating a strong goodwill and brand image. This is mainly done by removing any material found online that is potentially harmful to the brands goodwill. Negative content or reviews about the brand and its products can affect the business and customer’s purchase decision negatively. Hence, online reputation management is just as important as building positive content about the brand.

Understanding the concepts of online reputation management is highly critical for digital marketing managers to protect brand interest. Businessmen and digital marketing managers must have key techniques up their sleeves that can help them control what someone sees about the brand on the internet. Understanding the technical aspects like Google ranking, Personal search engine optimization, risks of over optimization of content etc can help in managing the online reputation of brands.

Our online reputation management course is designed by industry experts and helps students understand the fundamentals of managing brand image on the internet. The technical aspects cover essential skills that help in mitigating negative conversations about the brand, bringing positive conversations to the forefront. Key tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention, Simplify360 etc are taught to students that help them gauge when the brand name is being used online. Students are made to undergo a crisis management training which helps the students understand the concept in real term.

A successful completion of course in online reputation management helps students get equipped with understanding the criticality's involved in negative reviews about the brand. Our course helps students, businessmen, job seekers and marketing professionals gain an edge by mastering this important online marketing tool. An Online reputation management student is in a good position to get to the problem, understand the risks involved and rectify the problem with corrective measures.


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