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Mobile Marketing Course Module

Mobile marketing is the most developing field in the digital marketing industry. Mobile marketing is defined as any promotion or advertising campaign that is delivered on to the cell phones, smartphones and various other hand held devices. It is not executed in isolation, but is a part of the entire digital marketing campaign. With the tremendous growth of mobile phones usage, having a mobile marketing strategy is not an option anymore. The most native form of Mobile marketing was the sms marketing which is still prevalent. The newer forms include ads and app based promotions designed for cell phone usage.

Mobile marketing courses are designed for marketing professionals, businessmen and digital marketing students to use this technology in the marketing strategy. It helps to equip them with deeper understanding of the mobile landscape for designing more comprehensive campaigns.The student is exposed to the many opportunities that this technology offers from messaging to apps to mobile web. Even if the digital marketer is not a technical expert with the mobile interface, the course can help them measure the success of the technology.

The course in Mobile marketing gives the students a clear understanding of how to engage with the consumers. It helps marketers create marketing strategies, define target audiences better and measure the campaigns effectively.

Mobile marketing is not as inexpensive as many other forms of digital marketing. It does come with a cost and hence it is crucial for marketers to implement it successfully. At the end of the course, students have well defined knowledge about how the technology works to measure its performance real time. Students are made to learn the technical and strategical applications of the concepts for planning and executing comprehensive mobile marketing strategies.


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