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Email Marketing Course Module

Email marketing is an important component of digital marketing. Email marketing involves sending out a commercial message about a product or service that can either generate response or create awareness. Email marketing is considered as one of the cheapest modes of communicating brand message to the target audience. The biggest advantage of Email marketing is that it catches complete attention of the consumer since the user opens the email at his convenience of time and place.

Email marketing is an important tool in the hands of a digital marketer to communicate brand message effectively to the target audience. It is the most cost effective in which the marketers can engage the customers. Creative Email marketing which incorporates e-coupons and offers are a direct call for action and create quick conversions. Email marketing provides the flexibility to marketers to send out messages that can be personalized. From simple to complex, any form of message can be easily sent through Email marketing.

Our extensive Email marketing course is designed to equip students with the fundamentals related to designing effective Email marketing strategy. Technical aspects such as Drive open rates, engagement and conversions, email copywriting, email deliverability are all covered in our course.
A complete know how helps students strategize, execute and measure Email marketing campaigns effectively.

Our Email marketing course enables our students to gain expertise in this important field of digital marketing. At the end of our course students can implement effective email marketing campaigns as a part of the digital marketing strategy. They are in a position to achieve marketing objectives like conversions and brand communication using Email marketing successfully.


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