E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce Marketing Course Module

E-commerce marketing is the short form for the term electronic marketing. E-commerce marketing technically means trading of goods and services using the electronic media. It involves driving sales of an online store using various mediums of digital marketing. Various techniques are implemented in e-commerce that guide shoppers to the brand website and persuade them to buy the brands offerings. Various components of digital marketing including email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, content marketing and so on are used for building a successful e-commerce platform.

E-commerce is the backbone of digital marketing as the prime concentration of a digital marketing strategy lies in building a e-commerce platform. A digital marketing manager needs to know e-commerce systems including an understanding of the platform from a customer perspective. A digital marketing manager should know the various channels that he can use to build a real time successful e-commerce model. This course is also very helpful for businessmen as they need to understand how e-commerce would increase the viability of their business.

The course primarily covers the important touch points of e-commerce marketing. Online merchandising, e-banking, various marketing concepts like email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing etc would all be looked at through this course. The E-commerce marketing course provides a comprehensive understanding of how the model works and gives students a strategic approach.

The course is a complete guide to e-commerce concepts and technicalities. It gives students a complete understanding of online retailing basics for a successful e-commerce strategy. It exposes them to the various marketing opportunities and multichannel interactions that are involved in e-commerce marketing. At the end of the course students will have a complete know-how of the relevance of e-commerce marketing in modern day business context.


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