Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy

Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy Module

Digital Marketing planning and strategy functions lie at the base of a digital marketing plan. The digital marketing function is a very strategic function since at every level performance of the plan needs to be measured. Before a company invests into a digital marketing implementation, a thorough planning and strategizing is done that involves a series of steps. Digital marketing planning & strategy is a process that involves various steps like understanding the target, setting objectives & parameters to measure the performance. Specific skill sets like SEO, SEM, Affiliate marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and so on are evaluated at each step of the planning and strategizing process.

Marketing professionals use digital marketing planning and strategy knowledge at every point when framing new digital plans. There are tools available that help in the digital marketing planning and strategy formation process that help one plan through the consumer life cycle process. Digital marketing tools help marketers and entrepreneurs plan on how they want to grow their online business by minimizing risks.

The digital marketing planning and strategy familiarize students with the various planning tools there are. The key digital strategies that help in growing the business, maximizing sales using digital media, setting objectives and measuring the attainment of objects are taught in this course. Having adequate know how of the digital marketing planning and strategy also helps marketers understand which digital marketing activities should be their focus areas.

At the end of the course, students are in a position to make and implement digital marketing strategies for attaining business goals. As professional marketers, with the planning and strategy tools in hand they can make more sustainable marketing decisions. The course also enables students to tap the right opportunities and plan for the unforeseen business risks to maximize ROI.


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