Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Course Module

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing process wherein one can earn a commission by promoting products and services of another brand or person. In other words it is a system wherein you are actively involved in marketing another product of your liking and earning a profit on revenue generated. This involves three components: a merchant(seller of the product), an affiliate(who agrees to sell the products) and the product.
Affiliate marketing is a popular tool in the hands of digital marketers. Affiliate marketing is inexpensive and serves multiple marketing objectives such as brand awareness, conversion and creating loyalty.

Affiliate marketing is a very important aspect of digital marketing and helps in aiding marketing strategies. It is important for a digital marketer to know the tools that will help in selecting the right affiliates to partner with for the brand. The Affiliate marketing course is not only helpful to those pursuing the course to become digital marketers, but is also helpful to students or others increased in making money out of Affiliate marketing associations. Affiliate marketing when used well, can help you earn money sitting at home and hence the course is extremely helpful for housewives too.

Our course module covers Affiliate marketing in detail including the best ways of implementing a successful Affiliate marketing strategy. It gives students a deeper understanding of how the economics of affiliate marketing works including concepts like conversion rate, referral revenue, click rate, CPM etc .

At the end of this course students will be well versed with the important application of Affiliate marketing in a digital marketing strategy. For a future digital marketer Affiliate marketing is a useful digital marketing tool ensuring better returns for the money invested. The students can use strategies like coupons, product reviews, rankings and so on for building comprehensive affiliate marketing strategies.


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